you cannot find what has never been lost

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matters of perception

Engage all 6 of your senses when you find yourself at Lost Fox with the help of our featured visual artists.

featured artist -

Justin Terlecki

My work is autobiographical in nature and inspired by personal experiences that reflect elements of quiet observation, public spectacle and human relationships. I create narrative paintings of figures and landscapes that are visual interpretations of my memories. Travel and immediate surroundings inspire me to explore the atmosphere and mood of these specific places in time. I enjoy the process of building immersive compositions with details of everyday life, perspectives of multiple vantage points, and the combination of both the real and imagined. Whether it be a crowded community gathering or in the solitude of nature, I’m interested in moments that present a feeling of connectedness. While these stories and memories are personal to me as an artist, I encourage the viewer to discover their own shared association and interpretation.