you cannot find what has never been lost

Dining and full bar at Lost Fox Lowertown, Saint Paul 7 days a week
Lost Fox Happy Hour everyday from 3 to 6 pm and again from 10 to 11 pm

Heavy on Rotation

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matters of perception

Engage all 6 of your senses when you find yourself at Lost Fox with the help of our featured visual artists.

artist statement - amber jensen

“My work is designed to be an intimate, visual invitation into the often elusive and fantastical sense of belonging that so many of us yearn for. Much like a spider weaves her web — building architecture out of her own body — each of my drawings or weavings start small and builds over time into its own densely-layered language. This unique form of communication reflects meaningful memories and deeply-felt experiences that are both mine and universal. I entwine these memories and imaginings, blending them with my active, present surroundings — the magical colors, flora and fauna, friends and family of my daily life. As you stand in front of one of my drawings or run your hands over my woven work, I welcome you to connect with your own deep knowledge, your memories of place, of home and of shelter. ”
– Amber Jensen